Japan Want to Experience VR at Home

Over one-third of internet users in Japan would like to experience virtual reality (VR) technology outside the home, according to an October 2016 survey from Mobile Marketing Data Lab. While nearly two-thirds said they want to experience VR technology at home, it’s questionable how feasible that is in terms of cost and physical space.

Of the 34.3% of respondents who said they would prefer to experience VR technology somewhere other than their own living rooms, nearly a third listed movie theaters as a location where they would be interested in using VR technology.

Another 30% pointed to event spaces as places they would want to experience VR technology. Nearly as many said they wantd to use VR while watching sports outside the home.

Many consumers in Japan are skeptical of VR. But there’s a certain level of excitement, as well: 40% were excited about purchasing the PlayStation VR.

But perhaps the main obstruction to VR technology is a simple ignorance around it: Over 40% of men ages 50 to 69 don’t even know what VR technology is, and over 50% of women the same age reported the same in May 2016, according to a Mobile JustSystems survey.

Men were more likely to be interested than women, though it’s worth noting that more men ages 15 to 19 knew what a VR system was and weren’t interested than any age range younger than 60 (though that simply may be because they more often knew what VR was).